“Parlaré a classe” – Barcelona

“Parlaré a classe” – Barcelona

In 1939, a few days after the fascist entry into Barcelona, a group of parents and teachers from the Instituto Escola, forbidden by the new regime, decided to create a school in Barcelona that would maintain the pedagogical line and the modernising and democratic spirit of this educational centre. This exhibition shows the most significant aspects that, during its 75 years of history, have made Villena a singular school.

This story was the basis of the project to design the exhibition space. Because it was not a question of exhibiting objects but of narrating a story in such a way that the public would feel part of it.

In this case, design has been used as a strategic tool to transmit a metaphor. The Villena space, projected as an allegory, is constructed as a white and luminous environment, where colours and graphics come to life. The school resisted within the darkness of the fascism of the time, symbolising the dark perimeter that surrounds this light.

The Villena at that time, used culture and knowledge as a counterposition and resistance to a historical moment not at all propitious. Thus, this concept has been reflected in the form of open books in the exhibition supports prepared to receive the graphics, which also envelop the spectator facilitating the reading and marking the order of the exhibition.


Espacio villena

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