Our offices are located in Barcelona and Valencia, with subsidiary companies in Paris and London.


C/ de la Duana, 3, pral. 2.ª
08003 Barcelona
T. +34 932 688 450


Plaza Cánovas del Castillo, 1, 5.º
46005 Valencia
T. +34 963 527 357


13-15 rue Taitbout
75009 Paris



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Our vision

To be internationally known in different countries such as Spain, France, UK and Mexico, as designers of spaces that integrate, through innovation and imagination, all the necessary disciplines to convey the value of brands as best as possible by increasing productivity and sales and carry out the construction and the implementation of those designed spaces.

Our Strategy

International consolidation of construction and implementation activities, as well as to grow in our design business.

Our Values

Team work, Flexibility, International view, Excellence, Commercial spirit, Achievement, Imagination, Ethics and honesty, Involvement, CSR, Pragmatism and Ambition.



Architect Lluís Saiz and technical architect Artur Ortiz came together to set up the first architectural studio in Calle Aribau in Barcelona.


IDEA Arquitectura I Enginyeria S.C.P. is founded. The company specialises in the design and execution of banking offices nationwide, and later extends its services to corporate architecture.


The new company AB6 Obres I Serveis S.L. is founded to execute building projects. The head office is expanded.


The Grup Idea brand is created to bring together all the companies in the group. At the same time as this expansion, the company establishes its headquarters in Plaza del Ángel, in the centre of Barcelona.


A new strategic plan is designed to reinforce internationalisation, focusing on the implementation of offices, retail projects and healthcare facilities. Miquel Àngel Julià and Rodolfo Pérez-Martos and Alejandro Mora join Grup Idea as new partners.


Abessis is officially launched as the group’s construction company and is based in Valencia, Spain. Juan Guaita, technical architect, becomes General manager of Abessis and business partner of Grup Idea. Offices in Mexico DF and Paris are created.


A new strategic plan is developed to focus on the international consolidation of construction and implementation business and the development of design services. Grup Idea launches Nuklee to help brands grow, expand and sell better.


CDMX’s offices in Mexico move to Calle Amberes. New offices are created in London and Paris. Activity in the UK increases and an office is opened in Cavendish Square in central London.


The new strategic plan is designed, which includes a new brand image and the expansion of the new headquarters in Valencia, with the objective of strengthening the company’s presence in the Levante region.


As a result of the Covid-19 crisis a new strategic plan is designed. Grup Idea celebrates its 25th anniversary and moves its headquarters to Duana Street. The new office has new multipurpose spaces designed to promote innovation, co-creation and share experiences and knowledge.