The Spanish textile firm Scalpers has entrusted the services of Grup Idea for the opening of its new shop located in Calle Real de Ceuta, one of the most important and commercial streets in the city.

More in detail, Grup Idea has developed the work of the local architect, the executive project of architecture and facilities, the processing of all permits and licenses, and project management.

The Sevillian fashion company was founded in 2007 to offer sophisticated yet casual men’s fashion. Since 2018 they also have a women’s line, a children’s division as well as a line of accessories and footwear. Currently, Scalpers continues to grow both in Spain and in international markets such as Portugal, Turkey, Andorra, Mexico and Chile.

Cost Management

Executive architecture project

Executive engineering project

Local architect

Project Management

C. Real, 18, 51001 Ceuta
360 m²