Offering the construction service allows Grup Idea to provide our clients with all the services in the value chain, from the strategy and conceptual design of the spaces through the architectural and engineering work to site management and construction.

With Abessis, we coordinate the entire construction process with the maximum involvement of our own and external industrialists. Our proactive attitude and attention to detail guarantee high quality and compliance with deadlines.


Turnkey soluction and general contractor


Installation and equipment


From the demolition phase through to the fitting out of the premises

Our team of technical architects and building engineers carry out the global Facility Management and construction works. We carry out every task from the demolition phase, electrical installations, air conditioning, plumbing, sanitation and fire protection, as well as commissioning. Our services also include the entire range of architectural, construction and furniture installation tasks, right up to the final fitting out of the premises on the opening day.

The administrative team is in charge of carrying out all the procedures involved in the activity carried out, from the opening of files to the final certificates.

Remote monitoring and control of the work

We also have mechanical engineers who specifically supervise the execution of the installations during the work and are responsible for proposing improvements that can reduce the costs of the installations or their subsequent maintenance. We have also recently incorporated Holobuilder into our activity, a tool that allows us to use software and a 360º camera to visualise the development of the work in real time and monitor the progress of the construction from any device. Internally, we can supervise and monitor the project without leaving the office, which means significant savings in time and costs.


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