The architectural project of this new office belongs to Grup Idea, a Catalan company founded in 1996. Grup Idea is specialized in corporate offices and retail projects. Its designs integrate all necessary disciplines in order to convey the brand values ​​and increase productivity and sales. They have also designed the new corporate offices of Banc Sabadell in Mexico.

Banc Sabadell opens its new office in Les Champs Elysees, Paris

Since 1987 Banc Sabadell operates in Paris and this new office represents a future hope for the French bank market with a long-term vision.

The branch office serves clients of corporate banking and had an increase of 50% its turnover over the last three years.

José Oliu, the president of Banc Sabadell, chaired an act of institutional nature. Ramon de Miguel, the Ambassador of Spain in France attended to this act.

On May 22, José Oliu inaugurated the new office of Banc Sabadell in Paris. It is located in Champs Elysees Avenue 127.

The new branch office has large facilities and currently there are 16 bilingual employers. They are planning new staff incorporations of local bankers with a good knowledge of the French market in a short term.

According to Jose Ruix Balanzá, CEO of Banc Sabadell in France, “Sabadell is already a commercial banking reference for Spanish companies that have subsidiaries in France. Furthermore, it is becoming a leader in the large & middle French market segment and has got closing significant transactions, such as, in the field of renewable energies, especially in the financing of wind farms. “

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