Grup Idea, 25 years at the service of our customers

Grup Idea was founded on 28 May 1996 in a small office on Carrer Aribau in Barcelona. Its first projects and designs came from the office and banking sector. We did not imagine then that Grup Idea would be today an international company with an exceptional team and a network of national and international clients that we accompany and provide service from Barcelona, Valencia and our subsidiaries in France, England and Mexico, throughout Europe and Latin America. Over the years, we have managed to offer all the services in the value chain: from the conceptual phase, design, architecture, engineering, management and construction of projects. Incorporating construction, with our construction company Abessis, was a natural evolution from the outset and has given us more credibility to commit ourselves to the cost of what we design. At the same time, we took a giant leap forward and went from developing corporate architecture projects to specialising in the four sectors mentioned above: retail, social, health and cultural centres, hotels and restaurants. In more than two decades, we have managed to imagine, design and build more than 4,000 projects all over the world. According to Iberinform, a company that analyses the financial health of companies and the self-employed, in 2019 only one in four companies will reach the age of 25. At Grup Idea, we have overcome various general crises, especially the 2008 crisis that directly affected the banking sector. With the current situation of uncertainty caused by the pandemic, we have been able to keep most of our team. Our clients often remind us: “What we particularly like about you is that you are always there”. Availability, involvement, professionalism and active listening are our levers for transmitting the value of the brands in each project we develop. At a time when the world is changing at a dizzying pace, we integrate our work teams with those of the client in a fast and agile way to generate spaces linked to the business model, which are increasingly more experiential and adaptable. After 25 years, the best guarantee of our work is the references and trust of our clients. We have changed our office but not our neighbourhood. We have moved from the edge of the Gothic Quarter on Via Layetana to the Born neighbourhood, next to Pla de Palau and the Parc de la Ciutadella. A few years ago, we became an international company because our clients were international.  Now we are still connected to the city and open to continue working with our values intact in all our clients’ design and expansion projects. Lluís Saiz, Business & Development Manager  Artur Ortiz, Managing Director