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Secartys News - Science fiction and prediction in retail

Woody Allen told us, "We are all interested in the future, because that's where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives." But ... Can we…

Secartys News - "Transverse materiality", a concept applied to architecture

Transversality is one of the most overused words in recent times. It is one of the most used in politics. Transversality or transversalism is an…

Tribute to Grup Idea Calendar

Twelve years have passed since we designed the first Grup Idea calendar. Inside, we have captured our work, how we do it and what inspired us. At…

El diseño debe contar una historia. Lluís Sáiz.

“Design must tell a story”

Expansión - Interview with LLuís Sáiz, Architect and Founding Partner of Grup Idea.   Emelia Viaña. Madrid It is called Grup Idea and it is one…

El gimnasio del futuro - Expansion

The gym of the future

The consumer has changed. Millenials are demanding users who want to feel like a strong digital tribe to build meaningful relationships. They expect…

LA LETTRE - Grup Idea ends Etam's new flagship store in Barcelona

Grup Idea has recently completed building works on Etam's new flagship store in Barcelona. The company, specialized in corporate architecture, has…


PROYECTO CONTRACT - Hepler Bone Clinic

The Hepler Bone clinic is located in an isolated building in the upper part of the city with three floors and two basements. The design challenge is…

publicación grupidea oficinas corporativas On diseño

On design

800 m² of offices and showroom of Bernadí (Barcelona) converted into a "live office": now part of the exhibition.

Revista oficinas- Nueva imagen oficinas corporativas Caixa Catalunya

Caixa Catalunya offices

Design of the new corporate image of Caixa Catalunya. With constructive solutions an "open office" has been created.

Expansion - opening of stores in the current legislation in Spain

Opinion article on the current legislation in Spain in the opening of stores