Increasingly the function of a commercial store or an office is to tell a story that captures the customer; the sale will come later.

By Miquel Àngel Julià Hierro *

In the current global economic and social context, the use of innovation from a strategic approach is key to guarantee competitiveness and fundamental in any new corporate environment.

In retail (or retail) the most innovative proposals are observed. Brands are redefining pre-established codes and generating new forms of interaction with customers. And all this does not only happen in the commercial sphere, but it also expands to other sectors, among others in its own corporate offices.

Retail itself is a communication tool for brands, capable of generating memorable and unique experiences for visitors. Increasingly, the purpose of the stores is not to sell, but to tell a story.

The purchase as a final goal may occur later and elsewhere. What is it but the ‘showrooming’? This is a new fashion that brings the online to the offline and that does not allow one to exist without the other. It consists in being able to observe, touch and test a product in a physical store, and then buy it online.

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