Grupidea has been imagining, designing and building spaces for brands for more than 20 years. His relationship with Swarovski goes back a long way, being one of those responsible for the implementation of retail spaces for the company throughout Europe. It is not surprising, therefore, that they were chosen to be in charge of the project for their new offices in Barcelona.

Miquel Àngel Julià Hierro, Director of Strategy and Design at Grupidea, was in charge of directing the conceptualization and interior design of this workspace, together with the architect and interior designer Apolonio Espinel Sanchez. The work was from the first moment a joint work of the Grup Idea team with that of Swarovski, led by Miso Bugarski Osmanbegovic, Head of Construction & Facility Management South Europe & CEEMEA at Swarovski.

It was not about restyling the spaces and redistributing the tables, but about a deeper rethinking of the new ways of working and getting the Swarovski team to interact. Responding to a reorganization of its structure in Spain, Swarovski decided to unify its two offices in Barcelona into a single headquarters. With this restructuring, they all began to work together in the same space and for this they undertook the comprehensive reform of the existing offices.

The most important thing in the project is the new way of working: the new offices integrate four independent departments and the aim was to encourage them to interrelate. For this, one of the radical changes consisted in replacing the small offices of each of the departments with “a single canteen-dining room space, in which everyone was at lunchtime, next to another point at the entrance which functions as a small cafeteria, where you can have a coffee, have an informal meeting, read the newspaper … This is how the so-called ‘cross-pollination of ideas’ is achieved. It is in these spaces where we have applied the Finsa product ”, points out Miquel Àngel Julià.

With the same objective, a series of social spaces were created on the distribution floor that were interspersed in the open work areas, leaving the most private spaces such as offices or meeting rooms for the inner band. Even with this differentiation of spaces, the possibility of working and meeting in any space was enhanced, at your position, at the host desk, in the canteen, … In today’s society, connectivity must be able to occur in any space and in any moment.

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