30 years of experience in retail design and implementation services

For 30 years, the partners who later founded Grup Idea and Abessis have been working for brands. They started out in what we now call corporate architecture.

Over the years and with the development of the sector, we have positioned ourselves as specialists in the retail sector, whether in design, implementation or site and construction management, and there are now more than 700 premises in which we have successfully participated around the world. We currently have the design and implementation of commercial premises in our DNA as a company.

Since our beginnings, we have thought of Grup Idea as a professional services company, which is why we have incorporated architects and engineers into our team. Our strength is teamwork and cooperation between departments.

In this way, we accompany our client throughout the implementation process, from the first visit to the premises to assess the viability both in terms of regulations and spaces. Once the premises have been approved, we draw up the basic project, which may include the layout or the distribution of spaces. The next step is the drafting of the executive project, both in terms of works and installations, a step prior to the project management. At the same time, our team takes care of the processing of all the necessary licences for the opening of the premises. In our architectural and engineering services section you will find each and every one of the phases in which we participate.

One of our most recent deliveries has been the implementation of a Levi’s store in Lleida. Grup Idea accompanies the brand in the implementation of Levi’s stores in Spain with projects in Barcelona, Tarragona, Castellón, Olot or Palma de Mallorca, among others. All our work in retail for international retail brands can be consulted in our web section Design and Construction of commercial shops.