Workplace design, the best investment for a new business model.

The link between workspaces, organization and company strategy is becoming more and more important in workplace. Design and strategy must go hand-in-hand to create workspaces in line with the new times of change in which we live.


Google, Microsoft and King are examples of this new generation of inspiring offices. More and more companies are turning their new headquarters into a real business project, almost like a new management tool. The design and layout of their workspaces go far beyond the traditional technical aspect, are intended to be a key driver of change in the way of working, gaining efficiency and increasing the well-being of employees.  The work-life balance is becoming a key factor in the design of new workspaces.

Offices have become the best showcase for business values and culture and also the engine for their development and evolution. They reflect their DNA and are a new way of retaining talent. They promote less hierarchical, more transversal and more collaborative structures. Innovation is encouraged and the usual frontiers between departments are eliminated. Collaborative spaces must be designed to stimulate the exchange of ideas, combined with interior and exterior rest areas.

The design of the different spaces must reinforce its strategy of sustainable and ecological development through the use of new materials and energy saving. Themes such as the entry of natural light, the elimination of acoustic pollution and the different formats of relationship spaces are fundamental.

Another very important aspect is versatility in the workplace. You have to imagine the roles of people and spaces from more than one point of view. It is also useless to think that you can do anything anywhere. You have to choose between a couple or three possibilities and above all think about the adjacent spaces and how they can complement and enhance each other.


Head of business & Communications en Grup Idea