Artur Ortiz


Barcelona.Technical Architect, graduated by Escuela Universitaria de Arquitectura Técnica de Barcelona (EUATB-UPC). He holds a master of Advanced Project Management by the same university. Along with Lluís Sáiz, he founded in 1996 the first company Idea Arquitectura i Enginyeria which gave place in 2005 to the Grup Idea brand. He administrates the many aspects of the organization. He is responsible for the management of the business, the development of new projects, control of the financial flow and of increasing the profitability of the company. Also, he is also responsible for the finances of the Organization and all the subsidiary companies, ensuring that the financial systems, processes and activities are managed with maximum efficiency. He is also responsible for the area of human resources of the entire group of companies. He is in charge of recruiting, training and improvements.