Matthias Gennrich


Matthias Gennrich, socio internacional de Grup Idea

Barcelona. Structural engineer with more than 20 years of work experience in design, calculation and management of projects in the fields of concrete, steel and wood construction. After his apprenticeship he started his studies of construction engineering at Bauhaus University in Weimar (Germany) in 1994. During his studies abroad at Tampere University of Technology in Finland he deepened his existing base of knowledge. In 2001 he started his career as project engineer at Ingenieurbüro für Tragwerksplanung Axel Rolfs in Magdeburg.

While attending many projects for both new construction and rehabilitation he decided to move to Spain in 2003. He worked as project engineer at STATICS, S.A. in Barcelona and founded Europea – Ingenieurbüro, S.L.P in Barcelona in 2006. Today Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Gennrich attends construction projects in Germany and Spain ranging from sports centers, hospitals and hotels to multi-family buildings and many others. In 2014, he joined IKM GmbH, an engineering company in Germany, as Director and Technical Director. In 2018, he becomes a partner of the engineering company A.R.T. GmbH in Germany.