“The bank as a shop” by Carlos Casanovas. IDEA PIKAPIKA in IDEALOFT.

In  GRUP IDEA we understand the Bank as store and  Carlos Casanovas spokes about that, marketing director of “la Caixa” November 24, 2011 in the Central Headquarters of GRUP IDEA Barcelona.

The image of “La Caixa” branches must be coherent with the whole marketing strategy pursued by the company. It has over 5,000 branches and the size of the organisation makes this an important but complex goal. Branches must communicate in order to sell more; it is a matter of generating business opportunities, and for this reason the items they sell must be simple and easy to understand. Channels for communication with clients are changing, in particular due to the role of the Internet. This is why the branch must provide services with greater added value. Frontages are now seen as advertising hoardings. Much of the text has been done away with, to be replaced by clear, high-impact graphics. Joint campaigns are run, organising between 400 and 500 different types of media. The whole implementation is coordinated by computer. The branch sign is what identifies the organisation; the logo never appears on the vinyls stuck on the windows as this would be too repetitive. Their role in advertising campaigns is standardised for all offices, except in those classed as “emblematic”. In all there are 22 of these, in which the investment is higher and individualised. The graphics and their shape are not visually rectangular, but rather die-cut and in three dimensions. There are two types of branch, the traditional one and those in expansion zones. It has been found that with this new advertising principle the campaigns have a much greater impact on people’s memories – they remember the message much more. There are three areas in which advertising has worked. After the frontage the next area is where the cash machines are, and a lot can be done here. 45% of clients pass through here. Inside is the area we call the personalised attention and information highway. 15% of clients come to this area. The third point of reference is behind the counter. Advertising placed here is seen by clients who are waiting. The final image with the new criteria is much tidier, and the impact on the memory is much greater – this has been proved statistically. In Barcelona it has been implemented in 477 branches.