IARQCO Magazine – Onoffteam is born with the objective of merging virtual and physical spaces

The designers of Grup Idea, the digital agency Interficie and the construction company Abessis have combined to create Onoffteam, a new working methodology that merges design and final online and offline construction in virtual and physical spaces (retail, workplacel, healthcare centres, hotels and restaurants). Onoffteam will offer brands the opportunity to work on a unique project, with a unique multidisciplinary team, covering the entire shopping experience, from the physical space to the online experience. This new design service, unique in Spain according to its spokespersons, will offer brands the possibility of reducing the time invested in development on this scale by 25%, as well as reducing costs by 15%. Major brands now have the possibility of working with the same concept from the outset in their online and offline spaces. A unique concept that will be co-developed and applied differently in the two spaces: the virtual and the physical.


For Lluís Saiz, founder and partner of Grup Idea and Abessis and director of development, with this service “we offer to brands a unique and coherent place with a brand image, accessible through different digital devices as well as through the door of a shop, office, clinic, restaurant or hotel”.


For his part, Txus Portomeñe, founder and director of Interficie, highlights that “the better the shopping experience, the more possibilities there are to generate a relationship with the customer and build loyalty. It’s a question of breaking down the barriers that exist between the digital and analogue worlds, placing the user at the centre to offer them a total experience.


According to Miquel Àngel Julià, partner of Grup Idea and Abessis and Director of Strategy and Design, “the major brands have increased their investments in new sales channels and in strengthening their communication and multi-channel interaction strategy. There is a strong engagement on the part of the brands, because this is what the consumer asks for, because of the omnichanne: to control the whole spectre of sales, both in the online and offline channel”.


Grup Idea is an international company specialising in the imagination, design and construction of spaces for brands.  Abessis is the construction part which also has its own clients. Interficie is a company dedicated to the implementation of efficient digital solutions for public and private organisations. Together they cover the entire spectrum of today’s consumer purchases. The teams will work together on the projects from the office they have shared for more than three years in Barcelona.


The current context:

Retail is currently the sector that invests the most in online and offline integration processes. According to Salesforce, “click & collect” processes (online shopping and in-store checkout) have increased their revenues by 127% compared to the same period last year. The workplace, healthcare, hospitality and restaurant sectors are increasingly adopting these solutions and integrating physical and digital to provide an attractive and complete customer experience.

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