Idea PikaPika XVII SPECIAL “Grup Idea and Abessis organise RETAIL future afterwork ’22 in Valencia”

Grup Idea and Abessis have once again attended the digitalisation and trends forum for commerce RETAIL future organised by Oficina PATECO de la Comunitat Valenciana on 27th, 28th and 29th October. In its 5th edition, and with a 100% face-to-face programme, Grup Idea and Abessis participated as collaborators in the RETAIL future forum. In addition, this year Grup Idea and Abessis have gone a step further with the organisation of the RETAIL Future Afterwork ’22 event in collaboration with RETAIL future.


Within the framework of the forum, and with the help of Miquel Àngel Julià Hierro, Director of Strategy and Design at Grup Idea, we participated in the round table on design, retail and customer experience. In this round table debate, different specialists talk about interior design, commercial architecture and the adaptation of physical and digital commercial space and how to overcome the challenge of bringing design to small businesses as a tool for improvement. They also discuss technology applied to the design of physical space, interior design, commercial architecture and visual merchandising in the face of an increasingly “digital” experience, in which the differences between physical and digital space are blurred to offer an integrated experience to the customer. Discover now the panel discussion Design and retail: from guerrilla design to the “figital” experience[in spanish].


RETAIL future afterwork ’22: the networking event on phygital retail, design, construction and technology

This year, after the first day of the forum, Grup Idea and Abessis in collaboration with RETAIL future, the economic observatory EIXOS and KEANU organised the RETAIL future afterwork ’22. The event was held on Thursday 27 October at 20.00h at the offices of Grup Idea and Abessis in Valencia and was part of the programme of the 5th edition of RETAIL future, the forum on trends and digitalisation for small businesses and crafts.

What is the metaverse and how can I adopt it to make an impact and build customer loyalty? How can big data help me in the success of my business? 

During the networking event, these and other questions about the importance of the shopping experience and retail trends in design and construction were answered. Through EIXOS, we discovered how information from big data can help our business in making strategic decisions, such as deciding the optimal location of a commercial premises. We also had the magic of KEANU, a studio specialised in creating immersive experiences with the workshop “Journey to the Metaverse”. Discover now the video summary of the event [in spanish]:


About the organisation of RETAIL future afterwork ’22

Coinciding with the World Design Capital, Grup Idea and Abessis have promoted the RETAIL future afterwork ’22, an event held in collaboration with RETAIL future and part of the programme of the 5th edition of RETAIL future. The event also counts with the collaboration of EIXOS and KEANU.

Grup Idea is a company specialised in imagining, designing and building commercial spaces, offices, restaurants and healthcare centres worldwide. Together with Abessis, a construction and construction management company based in Valencia, they are able to offer the 360º project, the turnkey project, from the design and previous strategy to the construction and final delivery.

RETAIL future is the forum that promotes reflection and debate and advances trends for both small businesses and crafts. This year it celebrates its fifth edition and has established itself as an annual event organised by the PATECO Office – Commerce and Territory of the Council of Official Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of the Valencian Community and is part of the Plan to Promote the digital transformation of commerce and crafts of the Valencian Community 2021-2023.
The EIXOS economic observatory combines data from fieldwork with open data from public administrations with the aim of offering reports with reliable indicators to entrepreneurs, franchisers or chains of establishments.
KEANU is a studio made up of creatives, techies, branding experts and designers specialised in creating technological and immersive experiences for brands and agencies.