ES DESIGN- Phygital Retail, the rebirth of retail

MAJH, director of strategy and design at Grup Idea, concept consultant for brands and teacher at ESDESIGN, and Yuka Nakasone, Global Growth Strategist, publish a monograph on the role of physical and virtual spaces in the retail sector.

The retail sector has experienced an enormous advance in the digitalisation process since the outbreak of the pandemic. Major brands have increased their investment in new sales channels, a better communication strategy and multichannel interaction. However, the transformation goes beyond this. Consumers and shoppers move freely in and out of a physical and e-commerce space, a shopping experience named by designers as the ‘Retail Phygital’.

In fact, investment in online and offline integration processes has skyrocketed and retail is currently the sector receiving the most investment. According to Salesforce, processes based on online shopping and in-store pick-up increased brands’ revenue by 127% year-on-year.

How do you integrate the design of the physical shop with the virtual store and obtain a greater return? In this monograph, Miquel Àngel Julià Hierro and Yuka Nakasone seek answers to this and other questions about the future of the sector. Designing from the user experience, making efficient use of technology and connecting with the community are some of the trends that will mark the renaissance of commerce.

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