Catalunya Ràdio – Section “Mirades transVersals” in the programme “Perspectiva”

Miquel Àngel Julià Hierro, Director of Design and Marketing at Grup Idea collaborates in the programme “Perspectiva” of Catalunya Ràdio, the Catalan radio station of the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (CCMA). “Perspectiva” is a programme created and led by Josep Lluís Blázquez that shows trends and debates on architecture and urban planning through the personalities of Catalan architects around the world. Different experts in different subjects collaborate in the creation of contents and the participation of different sections such as “La biblioteca del arquitecte” (The architect’s library), where Marc Longarón, Director of “la Capell”, presents and comments on new publications on architecture and design.

During the 2023 season, Miquel Àngel Julià Hierro has started his own new space for collaborations within the programme under the title “Mirades transVersals”. The aim of Josep Lluís and Miquel Àngel is to take a different look at the conventional view of architecture and all the disciplines that go with it. Reflection and connecting ideas in a transversal way are the best way to show, observe and understand architecture. For this reason, they have visited studios, exhibitions and buildings, talking not only with architects, but also with historians, branding and communication experts, designers, graphic designers, light designers, interior designers,…

In total, there have been 6 collaborations (in Catalan) where the following themes have been given visibility:

Perspectiva – The Next: Working with light, the senses and the emotional states of the individual.
Perspectiva – Manual Thinking: Luki Huber’s method of collective creation.
Perspective – Gina Barcelona Architects: The Catalan architecture with the greatest projection
Perspective – “Lluís Morillas and his innate ability to know when it is the right time to walk away
Perspectiva – The universe of Carles Ferrater unfolds at the Centre Esplai de Fundesplai in El Prat de Llobregat
Perspectiva – We visit “Visions of Catalonia” with Òscar Guayabero and Jesús Angel Prieto

As Miquel Àngel has told us many times, to have a Mirada Transversal is not to look sideways at who you have next to you, but to share and learn from them. What will you visit and with whom will you talk in 2024? We are sure that in the next editions we will talk about architecture and design from the teaching point of view.