Building for brands in France

Building retail spaces is always a challenge, especially if the works are located in another country like France. Execution times are very short and both resources and equipment need to be optimized. The project is developed by the construction company, since normally just one basic project is provided. This cost must be taken into account as a further item of the work.

If workers are moving from Spain the Spanish Social Insurance must be notified. In addition, the French Ministry of Employment must be notified of other information such as the workers and their wages. The «Déclaration préable de détachement de salariés» and the BTP card (Carte d’identification profesionnelle) must be presented.

The Bureau de Contrôle is fundamental. It is an external organization hired by the promoter who must issue a favorable report after the documentation inspection and review. It is responsible for reviewing the executed work and its legal compliance regarding electricity, accessibility and fire protection. In addition to the technical aspect, they supervise health and safety criteria through the CSPS (Coordinateur Sécurité et Protection Santé).

Many team organization formulas can be looked up. From a 100% Spanish team to a combination of a Spanish-French team. Our experience shows that the second option is the best one for any project; from corporative offices on the Champs Elysées to a small business in the rural France. The workers productivity and the flexible working hours makes possible a reduction in the construction times, while reducing costs and the proximity of local procurement. This model creates the “perfect mix” to achieve the best results.

It is also advisable to establish a framework agreement with a trusted local company to carry out post-works maintenance work with full guarantee for the customers.

Construction in Retail cannot remain on the sidelines of an increasingly global world. This hybrid model of equipment is the best answer to the excellence and quality demand that Retail works expect. We must not only innovate with materials, we must propose new forms of organization in construction.

Juan Guaita
Abessis Partner