Last May ESADE Creapolis Retail Forum organized the first conference on Retail and City Talks.


This session of Retail and City Talks was presented as a space for thought. The relationship between commerce and territory and its repercussions on society were analyzed and studied.

The debate was divided into three main areas: Society, business and city. These were moderated by Pablo Bronstein (Bronstein Studio), Maria Callís (Alpenstok) and Miquel Angel Julià (Nuklee) respectively.

In the Society block, topics such as the differences between the local consumer and the global consumer were discussed. As well as the displacement of activity from the city centers to the periphery and the new consumer habits of consumption.

In the Business block, there was talk about the coexistence between local businesses and large operators. Likewise was a talk about the dependence on the tourism factor and the appearance of new business models as a consequence of digitalization, among others.

In the last block, focused on the scope of the City, it was discussed the impact of urban planning on trade, different models of commercial city and the role of neighborhood shopping axes and shopping malls.

 In each of them, the participants of the conference argued their vision and exchanged opinions on the paradigm shift in trade due to social transformation.

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