New office in Valencia

As part of the company’s new Strategic Plan until 2021, we opened our new office in Valencia at the end of May.
The growth of Abessis, the construction company of Grup Idea, has made it necessary to move its current headquarters to a new office with more than double the surface area.
We have made a clear and future commitment to its development in the Mediterranean corridor from which we intend to promote international development.

An office in the heart of Valencia.


The new office is located in Plaza Cánovas del Castillo 1, has an area of more than 200 m2 with a multipurpose space, next to a terrace of 80 m2 for corporate events.  This location is a neuralgic point of the zone of the Ensanche of Valencia with a great tourist and hotel development.
Valencia is a key piece in the Mediterranean corridor that crosses the most populated geographical area of Spain… In addition it concentrates not only a great industrial activity, but also many others linked to tourism. According to data from the Generalitat Valenciana, the autonomous communities of Andalusia, Catalonia, Valencia and Murcia produce 45% of the Spanish GDP, condense 50% of the population, generate 46% of employment, concentrate 55% of industrial production, are the basis of 51% of national exports, receive 50% of tourism visiting Spain and concentrate 60% of land traffic of goods and 63% of port traffic.
Banks such as La Caixa and Banco Sabadell have established their headquarters in the Mediterranean corridor, the first in Valencia and the second in Alicante, in a clear commitment to the future growth of this area.
As part of this commitment to Valencia, we will have a stand at the 30th edition of the Valencia International Franchise Show SIF to be held this year on 17, 18 and 19 October.
“Its proximity to Madrid through the AVE together with its growth potential for the coming years has been another point that has decided us to bet on the new office in Valencia with a much more central location and a more flexible distribution that will allow us to grow and make ourselves known over the next few years,” explains Juan Guaita, Manager and head of Abessis.
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