New Grup Idea and Abessis offices in Valencia

The growth of Grup Idea and our construction company Abessis has led us to expand our offices in this city, with twice the surface area and a much more flexible distribution. With this opening our company makes a clear and future commitment to its development in the Mediterranean corridor.

On 17 October we had the pleasure of inviting customers, suppliers and friends to the inauguration of the new office of Grup Idea and Abessis in Valencia. The event was a success and we were able to share our business and personal concerns with all of them.  The versatility of the design and the outdoor terrace of the new facilities allowed us to enjoy a fantastic evening. We encourage other companies to share in this space by holding events that encourage creativity, innovation and design.

We also enjoyed the presence of the speaker Xavier Calvo, Strategic Director of Valencia World Design Capital 2022, in the 17th edition of Idea PIka Pika. The title of the exhibition was “Valencia has always been design”. The process of formation of the candidacy was explained with all the powerful team that has promoted it. Several examples in multiple fields of Design were discussed, which have made it possible for Valencia to be the Design Capital of the World in 2022. It has been a real pleasure for us to have been able to celebrate the triumph of Valencia’s candidacy on this day. We are sure that this will put Valencia in the place it deserves in International Design.

The evening ended, as planned, with the draw for a gastronomic experience for two at Quique Dacosta’s Restaurant Llisa Negra.