In today´s post we want to invite you to reflect, and for this we have two comments around Charles and Ray Eames.  The first is the viewing of the report that Oscar Guayabero made in the IDEAPIKAPIKA of the past 27/03/2013:

The idea behind the talk of Oscar Guayabero, was to inquire into the strategies of the Eames, understanding  Design as communication. For this he focused in three concepts: Circus, Cinema and War Rooms.

 When they ask Charles Eames “¿What is design?”, He answered with unconnected sentences but with a global sense that resembled: “Design is a plan to place elements in the best way to attain a particular purpose. Finally everything connects: people, ideas, objects, taking into account the influence of those that were before us. The quality of the connections is the key to the quality of the final design”.

One of the bases of his work was to understand everything: objects, spaces, films, etc. like a communication project following a concrete strategy: “When you overload the user with information, the menu of options expands and new connections are established”.

For the Eames, design was not only a profession, but a way of life. For the Eames, design was to give. The work of the Eames, did not finish when they built a building but the documentation formed part of the project.
As well it says Oscar, “The best project of the Eames is the Eames”.
The second comment is on the reading of an extract of the essay “15 Things that Charles and Ray Eames taught us” by one of the more influential consultants of the world: Keith Yamashita:

1. Keep  good company.

2. Keep In mind the common.

3. Preserve the ephemeral.

4. Design not for the elite, but for the masses.

5. Explain it to a child.

6. Lose yourself in the content.

7. Arrive to the heart of the matter.

8. Never tolerate “¡Ok whatever”.

9.  Remember your responsibility as narrator.

10. Be able to see it from outside.

11. Change.

12. Make prototypes.

13. Make fun of it

14. Make designs to live… And live your  design.

15. Leave something behind

This post by Miquel Àngel Julià was published  in the on-line magazine  I-Candela on September 18, 2013

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