KIMMI Collection

Kimmi is the name of this collection of chairs and coffee tables created by the industrial designer Roger Vancells in collaboration with the strategy and design department of Grup Idea, which is born from the revision and the will to reinterpret, from a contemporary point of view, chairs such as those of Alvar Aalto or the Eames. This type of chair, which arose from the search for new languages with moulded plywood, has gained in validity and meaning over the years.

The kimmi chair protects the body in a natural, flexible and comfortable way; its design aims to take advantage of the qualities of the material to achieve an optimum relationship between body and chair, enhancing its elasticity by means of a constructive solution that allows back and seat to be joined together.

A chair to talk, to listen, to get together, to eat, to work… With a synthetic design, of soft line and essential in the gestures. Kimmi is accompanied by four types of structure, which allow adaptation to different contexts.

The collection was created with the aim of promoting a concept of polyvalence and versatility, so that it can be played with in different interior spaces and placed in correct coexistence in different situations.

The chromatic selection is in line with the expressive character and extrovert tone that has been applied to the collection. A palette of vivid, saturated colours that enhance contrasts by relating them to the softer, paler and more nuanced natural wood finishes.