The last Idea PikaPika event held at the Roca Barcelona Gallery last May, coincided with the Barcelona Architecture Week.

The main presentation of this Idea PikaPika was given by Juli Capella, who focused on the theme of “Seating Healthy“.
The architect offered us his perspective on the changes in interior design in work spaces. Instead of focusing the debate on the chair as an isolated object, it was approached from a global point of view. Ergonomics, biophilia, Feng shui, the incorporation of technology in the chair, applications, etc. were discussed.
Workplaces are undergoing unbridled changes. Nowadays there are fewer offices and more open spaces or rooms for creative sessions. Health, ergonomics and/or ecology have become key pieces when it comes to designing work spaces.

According to Juli Capella;

“Man does not need chairs, what he needs is to be in a semi-reposing situation. We don’t realize it but the sitting position is something absolutely artificial in the human being. And it has a great relevance in our daily life.

In fact, primitive man didn’t have chairs, he didn’t sit down. When he begins to look for the situation of sitting down and notices that he has something that supports him, he is in a better situation and has his hands free. This is basic to the birth of the chair.

The chairs are not only used for eating and working, but for me they are the emblem of humanity.
How is health achieved? Many propose that health is achieved with machines that make you sit in a different way to improve your posture and body.
We are looking for a new conception of the work space where not only the workplace but also the conditions are taken into account. There are many of them; one of which, I would say the main one, is the seat.

The chair kills.

Why do chairs have to be the same for everyone? Perhaps the ideal would be, as Mies said: “Find the non-chair”. An electromagnetic fluid that would keep the human being upright and able to work, but that there would be nothing, that there would be no matter.

As usual, the aim of this event is to bring together professionals from different sectors to promote synergies between them. All this seasoned with a tasty “pika pika” in an incomparable environment.


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