IARQCO Magazine – Swarovski corporate offices at 22@ Barcelona

Grup Idea has developed the conceptualization and design of the corporate offices for Swarovski in Spain. Specifically, the strategy and design team of Grup Idea has been responsible for the strategic definition, the conceptual design and the executive architecture and engineering project of the new offices. The comprehensive reform of the corporate space responds to a reorganization of the Swarovski brand in Spain and to the desire to unify the two offices in Barcelona into a single corporate headquarters. In addition, the final objective has been the result of a deep rethinking of their ways of working.

Across 1,000 m2 of space, spaces for social interaction, open work areas and private areas such as offices or meeting rooms for staff have been designed with a 100% Swarovski seal. The design of the new headquarters of the brand is perceived as a space where to enhance the corporate culture and transmit the values ​​of the brand, although in a different way from how it is communicated in the points of sale.

Read the full article in spanish the online version of IARQCO about Grup Idea Arquitectura, page 20.