We have changed our corporate image

We have changed our corporate image to respond to new market demands in the design and construction of spaces for brands. The new tagline “Imagine Design Build” expresses our clear commitment to offer a 360 degree service that goes from the imagination of the space according to the business strategy, its concretion in the design to the final construction.

“Imagine Design Build” clearly represents an international and multidisciplinary professional team that has allowed us to be a reference brand in Europe and Latin America in the design and construction of Retail, Worplace, Healthcare and Hospitality spaces.


Design as a tool for business change.


Today’s reality demands maximum transparency and credibility from companies in their business strategies. This trend has a clear impact on the design of the spaces that represent them both in their corporate offices and in their sales spaces and direct relationship with their external and internal customers. On this basis we have developed a strategic plan that will be carried out over the next three years.

Traditional values are no longer enough to attract talent. Both clients and workers must see and observe a coherence between the business discourse, the ways of working and also in the design of the spaces that represent them and guarantee their well-being. Design must be understood as a strategic tool for business change and as a representation of brand identity.  The speed with which these changes must be implemented in companies makes the global service we offer a great help for companies, which ensure consistency and speed in the process from the conception of the design to its final implementation.

Our professional experience and our working method have allowed us to approach the design of any type of space in a personalized way.  We work from the beginning with the client to be able to imagine a space adapted to their needs. Subsequently, the design is developed through architecture, engineering and the application of branding, until the final construction.
In workplace aspects of relationship between people are prioritized and in retail everything revolves around the final contact and experience with the client. The objective is that it is impregnated with the brand and that it can finally make the purchase in an easy way either in the same store or in an online medium.

“The new corporate image aims to express the international and multidisciplinary vocation of Grup Idea’s professional team in Europe and Latin America. It has more than 60 professionals fully oriented to the service of our customers. From the imagination of spaces aligned with the business strategy, to the development and concretion of the design and the final construction”, explains Lluís Saiz, Business & Development Manager of Grup Idea.

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