GrupIdea attends Euroshop 2020

GrupIdea attended Euroshop 2020 last February, the world’s most important fair in the retail sector. The event is held every three years in Dusseldorf, Germany, and this year it has brought together a total of 2,300 exhibitors and 94,000 visitors. Euroshop is a reference event where you can find out about the latest trends in the sector, find inspiration and network.

In the current edition, digital transformation and the rise of electronic commerce have been a key focus. Trends in the commerce sector include the investment of retailers in the ‘emotionalization’ of the spaces and the improvement of the assembly process in order to make the customer experience in the physical store more attractive (customer journey). Other important points have been digitization to link online sales with offline channels and the focus on sustainability.

The 16 halls of the fair are presented as a universe where modern retail channels such as marketing and retail technology, lighting, visual merchandising or assembly of stores and energy management, among others, converge. It is all the necessary equipment to realize the future spaces of our clients.

In Hall 12 of Euroshop, we have met the Designers Village, a space where architecture firms and independent global design agencies converge with a focus on retail and store assembly. As a concept, it is similar to a small planet, an ingenious space where to walk through different ‘passages’, admire construction spaces and where each continent and country is represented.

Prestigious European design, architecture and store equipment companies were present at the Designers Village. Each of the stands was presented as a letter of presentation of their services, with interactive showcases in which different agencies communicated their projects and work methods. However, Spain has not been present in the Designers Village. It will be a space to take into account for the next edition of Euroshop 2023.