GRUP IDEA integrates the design template BIM in all its projects to optimize the architecture and engineering design and also the construction design for all its orders.

BIM, Building Information Modeling is a technology that can generate and manage the information of a building during its life cycle; this marks the beginning of a new era for the architecture, engineering and construction professionals. This information has been created from a series of informatics programs that allows designing the building in a three-dimensional manner with the data in a parametric manner. All the elements allow having all the plans and all the measures in an automated and reliable way without further efforts.
In building the virtual model in project stage, it allows us to detect the disruptions and conflicts in the installations outline and in the constructive elements. We can take decisions concerning the design; we can also control the costs and quantify the improvements in a reliable way.
All of the elements “drawn” in BIM contain costs, materials, situations, fields and manufacturer’s information or any information considered efficient for the project. All of the information are added to the template and are evaluable and exportable in a way that allow achieving energy analysis, structural calculations, installations, managing plans, graphics and measures.
The advantage of the systems BIM is that it can increase and optimize the efficacy and the quality in the surrender of the projects.