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Grup Idea promotes a new line for the creation of spaces and products

Grup Idea, a company set up in 1996 in Barcelona and specialized in corporate architecture, has launched a new business line, Nuklee. It focuses on the core design for brands, perceived as the design of spaces and products “from the outset “according to Miquel Angel Julià, Design Director of Nuklee. Both companies work independently, “that will allow to emerge strengthened”, explains Lluís Saiz, Founding Partner of Grup Idea. The last year, the group had a turnover of 1.5 million Euros and foresees an increase of 10% revenues this year.

Idea implements designs in stores that have been previously made by others, unlike Nuklee, that will be responsible for the design from the outset – “this will allow it to interact with the client, where the business concept were born,” says Saiz. “We seek, that spaces transmit values ​​and the message of brands,” adds Julià. The ultimate purpose is to “help them grow and expand, but also to enhance their sales.” At first, its starting point is the retail by providing also solutions in packaging or projection of stands and counters. In the future it aims to reach out more sectors, with a special interest in hotels.

At the present Nuklee develops projects for Gaes, Lavazza, Modiss or Made Design. Saiz expects that the first year helps to get a good positioning among its competitors and get job orders in medium- and long-term, without entering any competition at the moment.  “We want that when a brand considers changing its store design, think about us”, he says.

The activity will start with a team of four people, combining architects and designers. The office is located in Barberà del Vallès. “Training and design dedication have been the main investment in this new line”, they pointed. Nuklee will have a network of occasional collaborators according to their requirements, always with the premise of sharing the knowledge and the experience acquired in Grup Idea. At first, the domestic market will be the strong point of the business, “but we were born with a global vision,” says Julià. “Nuklee will take advantage of the markets, in which the group has a presence.” That expansion would take them to France, United Kingdom and Mexico; these are key countries for Idea Company, besides Latin America, that is considered an achievable goal.

Even so, they emphasize the potential of Barcelona as a working platform, since the major international brands have presence in Barcelona.

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