On September 21st, the Simon group held the 2nd edition of the Workshop Color + Light = Emotion, in one of its spaces; Espacio 100. An experiential showroom in Poblenou designed by Antoni Arola.


The founder of the WAY brand and expert in colour trends, Marta Aymerich, began the event with a lecture on the importance of colour and light. Through different examples she managed to show her influence on the latest trends in architecture and interior design.

Attendees could experience first hand the close relationship between light, colors and emotions in a tour of the #EspacioSimon100.

Workshop Color + Luz = Emoción

In addition, Michela Mezzavilla, one of the founders of the reMM studio, architect, light designer and teacher at IED Barcelona gave a master class for all attendees. This was focused on the practice of how to illuminate in three real situations in very different scenarios; in the world of retail, catering and workplaces.
With these recreations the participants were able to experience the importance and complexity of light when illuminating spaces:

What does a person look for when entering a commercial premises or an office? What should we offer so that the public can come to the physical space and feel at ease? The most important thing is the satisfaction of their needs together with positive experiences and emotions. In order to achieve this, pleasant spaces and environments must be created for users or clients.

Light and colours are essential to offer a good atmosphere; the different types of lighting, its design within the premises. Cold or warm colours and their correct distribution allow to reinforce that emotional and creative part of the space. Making people want to feel that experience again in a space created and designed for their entire satisfaction.

The workshop was attended by part of our team of architects and designers to recreate a true sensory experience.


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