Grup Idea and Abessis visit the COMPAC factory to learn about new materials in design and construction

Grup Idea and Abessis have visited the COMPAC factory to learn about new materials in design and construction. The choice of materials that make up the surfaces of a space and its furniture makes it possible to transmit sensations and project a brand image in corporate offices, retail spaces, restaurants, hotels or healthcare and cultural facilities.

To learn more about the design and construction of spaces and furniture from new materials, Grup Idea and Abessis have traveled to Gandia to visit Compac The Surfaces Company. Compac is the leading Spanish company in the market in decorative obsidian, marble and quartz surfaces, versatile materials, very resistant and applicable to a multitude of projects and sectors. As Juan Guaita, manager of Abessis tells us, “the key to networking is to leave the office to make contacts, get new projects or learn about new products.”


The choice of materials, one more aspect to define the image of the brand


During the visit, Juan Guaita and Miquel Àngel Julià Hierro, architect and Director of Strategy and Design at Grup Idea, were able to learn first-hand about the origin of the materials with which they work at Compac The Surfaces Company. Among other aspects, they have discovered the technical characteristics of the materials, their dimensions and the transformation process. In addition, the experts have accompanied the visit and explained the history of the company and the materials they sell through a very attractive tour. Compac The Surfaces Company has also presented the ‘Genesis’ collection, a new quartz line with an artistic approach to architecture by the prestigious artist Arik Levy.

In this regard, Miquel Àngel reminds us of the “Brand Material” concept. This concept encompasses various concepts on which to design the space from the materiality, the textures, the chromaticism, the lighting, the identity of the brand or the construction details. “It is precisely in the design of a project, in the phases of Concept Design, Developed Design and Technical Design, where we define the materiality of the space.” For example, in the design of commercial spaces, the application of brand material is essential to achieve the functionality and usability of the store. In this way, it is possible to place the user in the center and, at the same time, give the necessary prominence to the merchandise.

As Miquel Àngel explains, “the choice of materials with which to configure the spaces and the definition of the‘ Brand Material ’add great value to the final result of the project”. Knowing first-hand through visits such as Compac The Surfaces Company provides great knowledge to reflect on how to design and build from materiality.

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