Distrito Oficina Magazine – Morillas Brand Design corporate offices in Barcelona

The MAJH studio projects the new Morillas Brand Design headquarters in the 22 @ district of Barcelona, ​​with the previous study generated by Studio Banana. The new offices are the result of the company’s strategic change and involve collaboration, the search for synergies and hybridization, with one essential objective: Create something extraordinary.

Morillas Brand Design is a successful international branding agency with a long history of almost sixty years and a team of more than one hundred people. Lluís Morillas, director of the agency, wanted the new headquarters to transmit brand value. Working with a methodology aligned with Open Innovation and Codesign, he encouraged the project team so that, in addition to functionality, it gave the space a touch of fantasy. Not only in branding applications, but also in the formalization of technical solutions, furniture and lighting design. In this way, a contrast is achieved between server and served spaces, the formal and the informal, order and disorder. In this way, a contrast is created between formal and informal spaces. 

Prior to the conceptualization work, Matías Rodríguez and Key Kawamura from Studio Banana guided the process of research and definition of the new workspace. Their study helped redefine headquarters by gaining a deep contextual understanding of the work organization and culture. Four research areas are covered: the workplace of the future, the talent journey, wellness, and audience engagement. The project and construction management processes, carried out with Grup Idea and Abessis, were key to further development.

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