Celebrating the SPATIUM Seal release to Torre Auditori in Barcelona with our partner SMDOS.

Torre Auditori (BcnFira District) of Iberdrola Inmobiliaria has been awarded the Spatium seal: “Safe and Healthy Building


This makes it the first office building in Barcelona to receive the spatium seal. The achievement of this mention certifies Torre Auditori as the safest, healthiest and most responsible building in Barcelona, in addition to obtaining the category: EXCELLENT. Mr. Manuel Sanz, General Manager of SMDos, presented the plaque to Mr. Emilio Sánchez Castellano, CEO of Iberdrola Inmobiliaria. The international certifying body IMQ Ibérica, which certifies the seal of conformity, was represented by Mr. Alejandro García, general manager of the company.

The SPATIUM Seal of Conformity is structured into four categories (Good, Very Good, Excellent and Exceptional) and is based on an analysis of 14 families of risks and around 200 control items, which SMDos carries out together with its specialized partners (JG Ingenieros, GrupIDEA, Cardioguard, Global Finanz or Ampell, among others) and which is guaranteed by the international certifier IMQ Ibérica.

The Seal, which is renewed annually to reflect changes in both requirements and regulations and in the conditions of the certified facilities themselves. That is to say, it compiles a wide range of legal norms, together with conduct, values and improvements in this area. Clearly oriented towards the user, it has three main objectives, which are;
– To objectively demonstrate the guarantees to the user of the property in this area – creating safer, healthier and “friendly” classroom environments.
– Promote and verify good practices in the exploitation of real estate assets (from Health and Safety).
– Y Achieve a reduction in the potential risks to the users of these spaces.

At the same time, an exclusive differentiating element is added to the spaces, in order to reinforce the brand image of the building through an innovative Conformity Seal.

Source: SMDos