Abessis incorporates software to monitor construction works remotely

Abessis is committed to technology in the field of construction and incorporates software to monitor construction work remotely. With the Holobuilder platform, the client can attend a virtual tour of any work through software and a 360º camera.

In essence, the Holobuilder construction management tool allows you to view the development of the work in real time and monitor the progress of the construction. Through the software, it is possible to navigate to any point in the project to review the progress and details of the history.For that matter, the software allows comparing 360º images. It also allows monitoring with images and digital projections of the site to see the total evolution without physically visiting the work.

Within the possibilities of work monitoring, Abessis clients will have the possibility to give permissions to profiles such as administrators, editors and collaborators. These people will be able to edit or partially view changes, create bookmarks and share notes, comments and updates within the program panel.

A strong commitment to the integration of technology in construction

Holobuilder is the leading platform to create digital records of the progress of works, in addition to providing reliability and speed in the management of the construction process. With the adoption of this new software, Abessis expands its services and makes a firm commitment to pioneering technology in the construction sector.

In this way, Abessis strengthens its original values ​​such as the search for quality, professionalism and immediacy in service and sustainability in the workplace. With the incorporation of the software, visits to the construction site decrease and the environmental impact is reduced, in addition to speeding up time and decision-making. In the line of offering the best service, Abessis has also improved its website by updating information on its services.