LA VANGUARDIA – Mexico likes Europe

Grup Idea, engaged in corporate architecture, posted a turnover of 11 million, twice as many as 2014.

South America likes Europeans. Grup Idea, specializing in corporate architecture, has consolidated its presence in Mexico with an exponential growth of its business, which represents in just 3 years about half of the total Group turnover. “At the end of 2012, we crossed the Atlantic to open up the American market. We chose Mexico because it is an emerging country, where they face little competition, “explains Lluís Saiz, founder-partner of the Group founded in 1996 in Barcelona. At the end of 2015 the company, which currently belongs to 6 partners, has achieved a turnover of 5 Million euros just in Mexico, therefore they added 17 workers to staffing.

“Being European sells: stand for responsibility, innovation and prestige,” explains Alejandro Mora, Managing Partner based in Mexico. In fact, the partners assert that Mexican market has enabled the company to post a turnover twice as many as last year, until it reaches a total of 11 million. They say that the aim is to continue growing in that country, but especially to have a stronger entry to the US market, where they have already worked with some companies, as well as Colombia. Grup Idea activity has changed since its beginning. It began the activity specializing in bank offices refurbishment; however it also opened its offer to the retail sector with the onset of the economic crisis. “It was a logical evolution: Grup Idea designs, implements and builds spaces that sell a product, whether it be money, clothing or culture”, explains Saiz. Thus, the currently customer base of the Group is quite varied. It is present both in the retail sector (Mango, Desigual, Inditex, Nike …) representing a 60% of its activity, as in the Corporate Offices (Banc Sabadell, Sharp), and health sector (DENTIX, Adeslas) or cultural sector (La Pedrera). In addition, it has recently been released in the hotel sector (Starbucks, Derby Hotels). In this way, working with multinational companies, the society’s activity is mostly done abroad (representing about 80% of turnover). Therefore, Grup Idea, aside from Barcelona and Mexico DF offices, it has subsidiaries in Paris and London, where they trust to increase its activity. On the other hand, in 2015 Grup Idea founded a new brand called Nuklee, with the aim of enhancing the own design office activity. Thus, Nuklee has been added to the existing brands of the group; Grup Idea monitors and manages works, while Abessis engaged in construction. Altogether, 60 professionals in the field of architecture and engineering are employed.


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