Banco Sabadell. Leadenhall Building 37th floor, London

ABESSIS was hired as the general contractor to carry out the integral construction of Banco Sabadell’s new corporate offices, housed on the 37th floor of the emblematic Leadenhall Building in London. The design of the project was executed by Nuklee and IDEA, ABESSIS’ sister companies.

The spaces and details are designed to reflect a Mediterranean character yet keeping in mind the overall aesthetic of the building and its location. The finishes and construction details of this project follow Banco Sabadell’s brand aesthetic which is applied to all of its corporate interiors.

ABESSIS was responsable for the supply and installation of several elements, including the water pipework, drainage, air-conditioning units, signage, electrical units and wiring, among others. The duration of this construction project was five months, resulting in a functional and aesthetically pleasing corporate office, representative of the high-quality work accomplished by ABESSIS.