Agathe C.


The organisation with Etam and the shopping centre has been very good. Great capacity to find and propose solutions to unexpected incidents that occurred during the construction process.

Giancarlo L.


Abessis has always been available for any question or doubt. Both availability and punctuality are important factors for us. Furthermore, they have replied quickly and easily adapted to the circumstances of each moment.

Guido A.


Abessis is constantly communicating in all the works in which we have collaborated. This has helped both to solve any kind of problem and to follow the evolution of the project. The efficiency of the response to any request is also remarkable.

Xavier R.


We have been very happy with the attention given by the Abessis team, professionals in all aspects of the project. They reacted quickly to unexpected incidents on site with ease and agility. Moreover, despite the difficulties of working in August and without electricity for a long period. Moreover, despite the difficulties of working during August and without electricity supply for a long period of time, Abessis has been constantly monitoring the work to reach delivery and respect the deadlines.